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We manufacture components for the industry, from specialty steels, non-ferric and refractory materials, industrial blades, design components and technical abrasives.

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"Calibrated Steel" - Grinding Solutions

Calibrated Steel


3D Printing

"Steel and non-ferrous metals" - Grinding Solutions

Special Non-Ferrous and Refractory Metals

"Erosion Accessory" - Grinding Solutions

Erosion Accessory

"Rectified Profile Components" - Grinding Solutions
"Prismatic Components" - Grinding Solutions

Rectified Profile Components

Prismatic Components


Technical Abrasives

"Industrial blades and technical sharpening" - Grinding Solutions

Industrial blades and technical sharpening

"Other Standardized" - Grinding Solutions

Other Standardized

Acessórios Erosão

Lâminas industriais e afiamentos técnicos; Acessórios de Erosão; Aço e metais não férricos; Outros materiais normalizados; Aço Calibrado; Componentes Prismáticos; Componentes em Perfil Retificados.