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Steel Toolox 44

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TOOLOX 44 (equivalente a 1.2738)

O aço Toolox® 44 é adequado para moldes por extrusão e componentes de engenharia que exigem alta resistência.

  • tem boas características de fábrica;

  • é o primeiro aço acabado com tratamento térmico;

  • acabamento endurecido a 45 HRC;

  • aço endurecido, originalmente desenvolvido para moldes plásticos, excelente para polimento e fotogravura.


Toolox® 44 steel is suitable for extrusion molding and engineering components that require high strength.



  • It has good workshop characteristics;

  • The first tool steel finished with heat treatment;

  • Hardened finish at 45 HRC;

  • Hardened tool steel, originally developed for plastic molds, excellent for polishing and gravure.



Due to its extraordinary toughness, excellent temperature resistance and low distortion, Toolox® 44 is today popular for casting, bending and forming metal tools, heavy-duty machine knives, high-strength machine parts, wear-resistant sliders, Wear plates, templates and precision parts.


The Toolox® 44 can be machined surprisingly easily and remains surprisingly dimensionally stable. New manufacturing concepts are possible because the heat treatment and subsequent adaptation work explain this hardened finished material.

Save time and technical effort, get security and extend the life of your components. Nitriding treatment or PVD coating is easily possible, an additional heat treatment is unnecessary and is not recommended.

Table with the dimensions of the rectified steel Toolox 44.

Learn about our solutions to solve these problems:

  • Damages caused in the grinding process;

  • The high temperatures generated in the rectification zone can cause several types of thermal damage to the piece;

  • Problems in grinding caused by bad cooling in the cutting area.

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