GRINDING ACADEMY offers comprehensive and intensive training in the grinding industry with a focus on theory and practice.

It has certified modules that can be delivered directly to your company, according to your needs, guaranteeing high levels of quality, efficiency and innovation.

We incorporate diverse learning and execution plans tailored to your skills and your reality.


Your gain and satisfaction is what moves us.

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Course focused on the needs of the client:

- improvement of the quality of the operation;

- reduction of the grinding cycle;

- dressing times;

- energy optimization;

- optimization of abrasive action;

- optimization of grinding and dressing costs.

What does it include?
Operations Analysis:

- Validation of the grinding processes;

- Analysis of grinding processes;

- Identification of strengths and weaknesses;

- Preparation of a detailed analysis report.

Training action planning:

- Identification of grinding operations;

- Identification of the strengths and weaknesses of operations;

- Identification of the improvements to be made;

- Presentation of improved technological methods;

- Raising awareness of good practices and safety standards.

Some topics covered:

- Security in grinding operations;

- Conventional abrasives;

- Causes of loading;

- Cost reduction;

- Energy saving;

- From the conventional to the CNC;

- Parameters of Dressing;

- Grinding of your materials;

- Reduction of your problems;

- Reduction of deburring;

- Reduction of burn;

- Structure of the grinding wheel;

- New technologies in Grinding.


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This seminar will give you access to all the important information related to the grinding process with conventional and superabrasive abrasives.
Seminar participants will need to have a basic understanding of the rectification process.


At the end of the seminar participants will be prepared to make improvements in their grinding operations.


It is considered an intense national seminar, where all the interested ones can participate.


Some topics covered:


- Security with grinding;

- Conventional abrasives;

- Superabrasives;

- Choice of grain size;

- Cost reduction;

- Reduction of cycles;

- Parameters of Dressing;

- Tungsten Rectification;

- Grinding of tempered steel;

- Grinding of HVOF;

- Errors with grain size;

- Reduction of burns;

- Structure of the grinding wheel;

- From the conventional to the CNC;

- New technologies in Grinding.



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