Pure Tungsten W99,95%

We are specialists in semi-finished steel and metal products, as well as standard parts. We have a wide range of products in our large warehouse located in Europe which is constantly growing and is designed according to high quality standards.

We sell all over Europe, tungsten and other refractory metals. We ship within 24 hours for whole Europe. Fast and uncomplicated deliveries.

We sell countless flat, round and square steels and precision tools with various dimensions and profiles.


Purchase refractory metals such as rhenium, molybdenum, copper, brass, bronze, aluminum, osmium, ruthenium, iridium, rhodium, palladium, tantalum, titanium, platinum, nickel alloys, pure tungsten, niobium, silver and composite metals and gold.

We work together with more than 10,000 clients from the mechanical engineering, tool manufacturing, mold manufacturing, cabinet construction, factory building and metal structures industries.

Tungsten is unbeatable when it comes to heat resistance. Tungsten has the highest melting point of all metals and possesses after the carbon element at 3422 ° C the second highest melting point of all the chemical elements. Tungsten is generally used for: switching electrical contacts, heating conductors, shielding, erosion electrodes, welding electrodes, friction welding tools, thermocouples, tool holders, scales weights, medical technology, protection elements for ranges of radiation or X-rays.


Here you will find some dimensions, which we deliver directly from our stock. We sell in round, square and flat bars.

We also supply tungsten alloys (WAg silver wolfram, tungsten, rhenium and tungsten, WRE heavy alloys such as W90NiCu, W90NiFe or W90NiMoFe ...)

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Symbol: W
Atomic Number: 74
Atomic Weight: 183.84
Element Category: transition metal
Group, period, block: 6, 6, d
Color: grayish white, bright
Other names: Wolframium, Tungsténe, Wolframio

Physical properties

Melting point: 3422 ° C, 6192 ° F, 3695 K
Boiling point: 5555 ° C, 10031 ° F, 5828 K
Density: 19.25 g · cm3
Bulk Density: 17.6 g · cm3
Density @ 20øC: 19.3 g / cm 3
Solid Density: 19250 kg · m3
Specific Heat: 0.13 (kJ / kg K)
Temperature Superconductivity: 0.015 [-273.135 ° C (-459.64 ° F)] K
Triple point: 1941 K, 5.3 × 10 3 kPa
Critical point: 13892 K, Mpa
Melting Heat (kJ · mol-1): 35.2
Heat of Vaporization (kJ · mol-1): 824.2
Heat of Atomization (kJ · mol-1): 848.1
Thermal Conductivity: 173 W · m-1 · K-1
Thermal Expansion: (25 ° C) 4.5 μm · m-1 · K-1
Electrical Resistivity: (20 ° C) 52.8 nΩ · m
Thermal capacity: 24,27 J · mol-1 · K-1
Young's modulus: 411 GPa
Shear modulus: 161 GPa
Bulk module: 310 GPa
Poisson Index: 0.28
Hardness of Mohs: 7.8
Vickers Hardness: 3430 MPa
Brinell Hardness: 2570 MPa
Sound Speed: 4620 m · s-1
Pauling's electronegativity: 2.36
Sanderson Electronegativity: 0.98
Allred Rochow Electronegativity: 1.4
Pauling Electropositivity: 1.64
Reflectivity (%): 62

Chemical properties

Electrons: 74

Protons: 74

Neutron: 110

Electronic configuration: [Xe] 4f14 5d4 6s2

Atomic radius: 139 p.m.

Atomic radius, unbound (Å): 2.18

Covalent radius: 162 ± 19h

Covalent Radius (Å): 1.5

Ray Van der Waals: 200 pm

Oxidation states: 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, 1, -2 (slightly acidic oxide)

Solid state

Crystalline structure: centered cubic body

Magnetic ordering: paramagnetic

Electronic affinity (kJ · mol-1) 78,732

1st Ionization Energy: 770 kJ · mol-1

2nd Ionization Energy: 770 kJ · mol-1

3rd Ionization Energy: 1700 kJ · mol-1

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